Charlottesville Direct Primary Care

Charlottesville Direct Primary Care is a full-service family medicine clinic providing care to patients of all ages. We practice family medicine, managing acute and chronic illnesses, preventative care, urgent care, minor procedures as well as other specialized services. Come meet us. It's modern medicine with an old-fashioned doctor-patient relationship. It's affordable personalized healthcare. Direct Primary Care is a growing movement within Family Medicine. It is a membership-based alternative to traditional, insurance-based care. For a low monthly fee, our patients get better access and a closer relationship with us.   (434) 325-5053    

Community Climate Collaborative

C3 catalyzes climate action at the community level through collaboration, programs, and advocacy which directly reduce climate pollution and elevate the climate leadership of Virginia communities. We believe the power to confront climate change resides within our communities. We believe citizens, businesses, and local governments have the power to take action, implement policy, and reduce emissions right at home in Charlottesville and Albemarle County, Virginia.    

Tickel Chiropractic

We at Tickel Chiropractic help the people of Charlottesville get rid of back neck and joint pain by correcting the root cause of the problem through natural, affordable, state of the art treatment. So you can enjoy your loved ones and have the highest quality of life. Dr. Tickel is a second-generation chiropractor with practical clinical experience. His approach to healing is truly holistic. Utilizing over 30 techniques (Diversified, Thompson, Activator, SOT, NUCCA, Upper Cervical, ART, Graston, Network, NET to name a few) he is able to tailor care to each individual practice member. The goal is to not only get you out of pain, but to maximize performance and energize lives.   (434) 736-5113